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Welcome to the online shopping portion of our page. Here you will find many products that are very beneficial in the deer business as well as other operations. If interested in purchasing or simply want more information don't hesitate to call us at 606-798-4733
Got grain? We have the trailer to put it in. These trailers hold just over 1 ton of grain and are compatible with nearly any UTV. The gas powered blower feeds over 100 Ibs of grain per minute. No more carrying buckets or feed sacks. Oversize lid allows for easy fillup. 
See the video above to discover the simpler way of feeding your livestock!
Got Fawns? We have just what you need to feed them with. Our current models hold 10 bottles. 
These feeders cut your time and workload in half. Handcrafted on the farm and built to last these feeders are made of heavy gauge steel with a powder coated finish, ensuring durability. 
Check out the video below to see what you have been missing out on!
Very unique, one of a kind property.
For photos, click here.
Approx. 2.5 miles from the AA highway.
Short drive into town (Maysville) with shopping, restaurants, and hospital. 
Located at the end of a dead end road.
Abundant wildlife in the area (deer, turkey, etc.)
Lots of horse/ATV riding in the area.
Rock bottom creek and riding trails are in the wooded portion.
County water and small pond.
50+ Acres. 35 Pasture, 15 Woods. 

All of the structures have been custom built by a retired contractor.
Everything has "built to last" written all over it.
(Stainless steel kitchen counters, metal roofing, etc.) 
2-3 bed, 2 bath house with huge attached garage.
Garage features concrete flooring, mezzanine, loft, and 40 ft. shed roof.
Large barn with spacious loft, rustic office w/ half bath, nursery, concrete flooring,numerous stalls with ceiling fans/natural lighting, 16 ft. shed roof, etc.
Lots of landscaping, raised flower beds, 100+ pine and ornamental trees.
 Mature Vineyard, Orchard, and two gardens.
Large underground shelter with electric/phone/etc.

This property has been used as a whitetail deer breeding facility from 2007-2015.
 Facility can easily accommodate other livestock.
Barn is equipped for live handling and loading. 
(Squeeze chute, sand pit tunnel w/ guillotine doors, observation deck, etc.)
Roughly 9 acres of 8' fence. (includes 5 large pens, runways, and 2 small pens) 
Lots of new woven wire fencing. (perfect for cattle, horses, etc.)
(Shelters for the animals, automatic heated waterers, creep feeders, etc.)
Tractor and implements can be included.

Website and all business contacts are included.
For more information call 606-798-4733
More photos are available upon request.

Click here for a virtual drive to the farm.